Thursday, July 7, 2022

Blog # 43 -Featuring and Sponsored by Happi Baby

 Blog # 43 : Featuring and Sponsored by Happi Baby 

Mommy and me two swimsuit rigged for Toddleddoo , Tweeneedoo, Bebe, Youth , Chonk and for Mommy Maitreya , Slink HG , Slink Phys original and Legacy !!  6 amazing colors and very cute cut on the bottoms Love it !! 

Get yours at  Happi Baby now at the Woodland Kid's Event  Here is your ride Woodland Kid's Event

The popsicle  treat is at Woodland  - made by Oinc  Woodland Kid's Event

My Pose is by Confetti - Iza - i used number 5 Confetti Poses - Taxi to Confetti 

 Jian - puppy -Beagle   -Jian

My Hair is from VCO -momoko - VCO

Gallant Unicorn