Sunday, July 24, 2022

Blog 71: Featuring and Sponsored by Tru and Shutter Up @ The Thimble Event until August 5th !!


Blog 71:  Featuring and Sponsored by Tru  and Shutter Up! @ The Thimble Event until August 5th !! 

The package comes with everything you need to have an amazing birthday party for anyone big or small !!  Comes with Table , Present (transferable) , Birthday Card , Cake , Balloon Toy, Blue, Green and Pink numbered balloons from 0-9 , inside present is a transferable shirt for Lullabeebs , Bebe, Bebe Youth , Toddledoo, Tweeneedoo , and Tweenster.  
The poses are from Shutter Up!  they come in different birthday party poses for an extra special day for the best birthday party ever !!  Get yours at the Thimble Event right now !! 

 To see what i use go to my - Basics Page  
 Hair is from Wasabi -Pickle
My Doggo is  from Jian 

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