Friday, July 29, 2022

Blog # 59- Featuring Viv.a ! Kids

Blog # 59  Featuring Viv.a Kids @ the Roselline Event 

I love this outfit by Viv.a Kids called  Lorelai Outfit - in Blue and Cath Sandals - inBlue

So pretty and so well done!! Bravo <3  You can get it different colors and mix and match as well. 

Rigged for (TD-Baby Fitted,TweeneeDoo and Bebe/Youth Body)

Sandals (Resize Script)
My Doggo is  from SEmotion  - Dachs Puppy Companion 
Extras :  Tentacio - Bear drink -Tragic foodpack 
Marina Bag @ Access
Half deer - Hyrangea Crown - White   
Dudadreams - Body and Ear blush

Gallant Unicorn