Sunday, August 7, 2022

Blog 78: Featuring Little Friend and Hattie Beau @ The Woodland Kid's Event until August 20th

Blog 78:  Featuring Little Friend and  Hattie Beau  @ The Woodland Kid's Event !! On until August 20th 
🆕I am wearing overalls called Juju :) The color is candy. These are made by Little Friend.  They come with a hud for the shirt to change to any color you want.  Very well made and extremely cute !!
🆕My stuffie is callled Ella Phant made by Hattie Beau you can get this plus a froggie and a panda at the Woodland Kid's Event !! I got all 3 :) :) so cute <3 <3 
My doggo is from Jian -  Boston Terrier - so adorable !! Get yours at Jian

My Extras: 

🆕 Doe . Makina [standard hat] . @ The Fifty 

 Tentacio - Flowers -Reflection. Bouquet

Garden newspaper- Tentacio

MishMish - Sleepy Sheepy

dust bunny . Con - Emma Flower Bicycle - Decor

MINIMAL - Oia Scene -Pink Version-

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