Friday, August 12, 2022

Blog 81: Featuring and Sponsored by Maple Clothing @ The Cove Event Starts Aug 14th to the 28th and TardFish @ The Okinawa Event on now until Aug 30th.


🆕Blog 81: Featuring and Sponsored by Maple Clothing @ The Cove Event  Starts  Aug 14th to the 28th.
Top and Shorts - mix and match colors, rigged for TDB , TWD Lullabeebs.  Gender Neutral :) 

🆕Featuring and Sponsored by  TardFish The Okinawa Summer Event on now until Aug 30th  and more !!  Foodies- Smores and marshmellows !! 

Maple Clothing @ The Cove Event August 14th - 28th 

TardFish @ The Okinawa Summer Event  Until August 30th 

 To see what i use go to my - Basics Page  
 Hair is from Wasabi -Pool Side
 All animals are from - Jian 

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