Saturday, August 20, 2022

Blog # 77 -Featuring and Sponsored by Little Absinthe

 Blog # 77 : Featuring and Sponsored by Little Absinthe @ The Thimble Event

🆕 I am wearing Tropical Dress from Little Absinthe available at the Thimble event 

 Hair is from TRam  -  L0525 hair
 Sandals are from Viv.a Kids- Brielle sandals
CHEZ MOI Sandman
hive // flor sandcastle
hive // beach ball
MishMish - Cutie Crab Deco - Pink - Stance 
Ariskea[Katrina] Flowers Basket 
[Vk!] Brielle Slaides Pink
Pity Party - Soft Brows
Pity PartySkin - Water Lily skin Tone - Coconut
Pity Party- Body skin - Coconut
DudaDreams - Highlighter and Pores for Opal 
DudaDreams Nose Blush
Muriel - Alicia Lashes 
Izzie - TD Blush 
+Half-Deer+ Beach Towel Clutter - Pink - Clothesline
- Doggo - Jian 
Gallant Unicorn