Sunday, August 21, 2022

Blog # 78 -Featuring and Sponsored by Maple Clothing

 Blog # 78 : Featuring and Sponsored by Maple Clothing @ The Thimble Event 

🆕 I am wearing Hand me down shirt from Maple Clothing at the Thimble event.  My shorts are Ollie cotton shorts from Maple Clothing available at the main store. 

🆕.muffin. Yummy Milk (Decor)  .muffin. Yummy Milk 

[Vk!] Brielle Slaides Pink

Pity Party - Soft Brows

Skin - Flying Bunny- Elena - Milk

DudaDreams - Highlighter and Pores for Opal  /  Nose Blush

Muriel - Alicia Lashes 

Izzie - TD Blush - Izzie Button

Wasabi // Carol Hair  

{what next}  -Decor

Pewpew! Snack Lunchbox (Decor)

Junk Food - Cookie Plate

Junk Food - Snacks Bag

Junk Food - Soda Cup 

CHEZ MOI Sleepy Kitty

Gallant Unicorn