Thursday, September 15, 2022

Blog # 95-Featuring Mandu , Blush and Sponsored by Tippy Tap

Blog # 95- Featuring Mandu , Blush and Sponsored by Tippy Tap.
I am wearing the Carter Romper this one is called Cookie from Mandu available at the Daydream event                            
This romper is super cute!!
My shoes are Andrea sneakers and socks from Tippy Tap. So many colours and choices for customization. Get the fat pack definitely worth it.  
My adorable head band i bought from Blush.  These come in all different colours mine is Teddy. 
Credits:  Kittie - Kitten Clinger - Jian 
Hangry  - Choc Chip Cookie Bucket
Hair - VCO - Sunbin
Tarte- mini pumpkin basket
MishMish - Pigeon Deco 
Dust Bunny-blooming holdables-bouquet cone 

Gallant Unicorn