Saturday, October 8, 2022

Blog # 110-Featuring and Sponsored by Tiny Blep and Tippy Tap

 Blog # 110-: Featuring and Sponsored by Tiny Blep and Tippy Tap.

I am wearing  presley's dress by Tiny Blep available @ The Roselline Event until Oct 15th.  Floor Mats by Tiny Blep available at the Woodland's Kids Event.  

VCO - ITZY Hair 

Silvana Boots by  Tippy Tap 

Lagom&Seams Legit - Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Numbers]

Lagom&Seams Legit - Minimalist Toyset [Pastel Atticus]

Nutmeg. Midday Playroom Alphabet

Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Stacking Toy

Nutmeg. Nursery Pastels Koala Toy

Nutmeg. Play Kitchen Microwave

Nutmeg. Play Kitchen

Nutmeg. Midday Playroom Shelf

Nutmeg. Midday Playroom Stool / Decor

NACH Lil Artist's Gallery (Fall Edition) @ Woodland Kids Event

JIAN - Chinchilla / White 

Gallant Unicorn