Sunday, October 9, 2022

Blog # 112 Featuring and Sponsored by Maple, StarFall and Tippy Tap

Blog # 112:  Featuring and Sponsored by Maple,  StarFall and Tippy Tap

I'm wearing  hand-me-down shirt: spooky vibes (TDB) and 

Kumi Knit Leggings - both from Maple.


[Starfall] - Happy Halloween

{Starfall} - Autumn Tiered Tray

{Starfall} - Pumpkin Nightlight

{Starfall} Trick or Treat Bucket 

Hair: VCO ~ 'Sunbin' Hair .

 My Shoes are Andrea Sneakers from Tippy Tap. 

Pumpkin Bear- Hive

Gallant Unicorn