Sunday, October 16, 2022

Blog # 119: Featuring and Sponsored by Tiny Blep ,Mini Muffin/Muffin and Tippy Tap !

 Blog # 119: Featuring and Sponsored by Tiny Blep @ The DayDream Event , Mini Muffin/Muffin @ the Spooky Season Pop Up Event and Tippy Tap ! 

I am wearing Kiki dress by Tiny Blep available at the DayDream Event. Fitted for Lullabeebs , Bebe, and Toddleedoo - Black dress with 6 Trim colour options. Beautiful dress for the fall season.  The Fat Pack is the best you will be able to enjoy all the wonderful trim colours. DayDream Event

Also Featuring Mini Muffin - Pumpkin Hair Clips - Available at the Spooky Season Pop Up Event - Take a spooky taxi 

My shoes are Irina shoes - from Tippy Tap at the main store or marketplace - this store is by far the best shoe store on the grid for Toddlers. Very well made and lots of styles to chose from. My favorite are the Irina style shoes that i am featuring in this picture. TippyTap

My Hair - VCO - Effy Hair. 


+Half-Deer+ Pet Pumpkin - Bear

+Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon - 6 Witch Broom

::DisturbeD:: Black Cat Laying

[Hutspot] Autumn Basket

Serenity Style- The Pumpkin Keeper - Figure

CJ Autumn Magnolia Leaf Wall Wreath

Hive - Pumpkin Bear 

Gallant Unicorn