Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Blog # 155: Featuring and Sponsored by Sad Frog and Kitty Kate !!

 Blog # 155:  Featuring and Sponsored by
Sad Frog / Tiny Blep and Kitty Kate !! 

"Some call it chaos we call it family" 

I am wearing  Split Onesie - in Pink - by Sad Frog available at the Tiny Blep main store. Sad frog is a collaboration between Mooncake and Tiny Blep. Made for Toddleedoo and comes in 8 colours

Decor -  Woodland Nursery  for Zooby newborn and toddlers ! This bedroom set is amazing and so beautiful !!by Kitty Kate available at the main store or marketplace

I am holding my old teddy by Tip Toes available in the main store and marketplace. 

Toys are from  Lagom -  it is called The Nursery toy Set

My shape-  Jess Shape from Boss Baby for  TD available at the Woodland Kids Event. 

I am using Opal head and  Toddleedoo Baby Body available at main store

Gardenia Skin Tone { Vanilla } -{ Pity Party } 

My Hair - Pickle - Wasabi 

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