Monday, December 19, 2022

Blog # 157 - Featuring and Sponsored by Sami's World

Blog # 157- Featuring and Sponsored by Sami's  World.
I am wearing the Tysha outfit by Sami's World available @ the Daydream Event 
My shoes are Andrea shoes  by Tippy Tap
My Hair - Effy hair - by  VCO
Puppers from  Foxwood
Tree , decorations and wreath are from Half Deer
Christmas Decor set - Half Deer - @ Mainstore 
Garland II Flocked - Half Deer - @ Mainstore 
Ornament Box - Half Deer - @ Mainstore 
Christmas Tree II - Flocked - Tree - Half Deer - @ Mainstore 
Treat Decor: What Next @ Marketplace
Wintertime Cookies - What Next -on Marketplace
Holiday Eggnog Latte- What Next -on Marketplace
Storage boxes from What next 
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