Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Blog # 176 : Featuring and Sponsored by Sami's World , Tippy Tap

Blog # 176: Featuring and Sponsored by Sami's World and Tippy Tap
I am wearing  Nancia outfit by Sami's World and is available at the Woodland Kids Event
My Boots are Silvana Boots by Tippy Tap and available at the mainstore and marketplace
Highlighter and Pores for Opal ,Nose Blush Opal DudaDreams Originals  -Mainstore 
VCO ~ 'Sunbin' hair 
Foxwood - Little Shiba - sit
Laundry Day Armchair w/books PG, Ceramic Jars ,  Summer's End Peonies -Nutmeg.
Pity Party - Soft Brows
Harry Skin - Flying Bunny- Mainstore
Shape - Charlie Shape 
Opal Head - and Baby Body from Toddleedoo - mainstore
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