Saturday, January 21, 2023

Blog # 182 - Featuring and Sponsored by Lula Belle

Blog # 182- Featuring and Sponsored by Lula Belle.
I am wearing the beautiful Presley Dress from Lula Belle available at the Thimble Event until February 5th. Rigged for TD , TWD, Bebe, Youth and LB. 6 Gorgeous Colours to choose from.  Fatpack is the best :) Get yours at the Thimble Event 
My shoes are Irina shoes from Tippy Tap - Available on the marketplace - Tippy Tap
Pupper is poodle from SEmotions
Kitty is Chonky kitty from Foxwood
Decor-  Nutmeg -  Sojourn Low Pale Rose Chair , Sojourn lamp - Nutmeg
My Teddy Bear - My old Teddy - Tip Toes
My hair- Sunbin - VCO 
Flower crown - Half Deer 
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