Saturday, January 28, 2023

Blog # 190- Featuring Seams Legit and Sponsored by Tippy Tap

Blog # 190 - Featuring Seams Legit and Sponsored by Tippy Tap
~Outfit and Shoes~
I am wearing the  Isabelle dress from  Seams Legit- this dress is so cute ! Isabelle comes in 6 Packs (10 textures per pack)  Sized for LB, TD, TWD, Bebe and Chonk. Available at the Roselline Event 
My Shoes - Marina Shoes - Tippy Tap
~Body , Skin , Head, Hair  and Shape~
My Hair - Itzy hair - VCO 
I am using the Apple Head -Toddleedoo 
Toddleedoo  body - fitted -Toddleedoo 
Muriel  Daisy Shape and Skin - Muriel
Daisy Blush - Muriel - Muriel 
Mara Lashes -Muriel 
Cindy Eyes - Muriel 
Brows - Pity Party
Highlighter and Pores -DudaDreams 
Cheek Veins (Apple Head)  -DudaDreams 
Synnergy// Lake House [360] Backdrop
Stars necklace - Little Tots
Foxwood - Duckling - Decor
Foxwood - Chicken Companion Decor
Foxwood - YorkiePom - Hold -  Grey
Jian- Fallow Fawn Static Stroll
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