Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Blog # 193- Featuring and Sponsored by Kitty Kate

Blog #193- Featuring and Sponsored by Kitty Kate
Lullabeebs Natural Babychair ~ Beautiful animations including hugging plushie, playing or bottle time, feeling sleepy etc. 15 seat textures included to choose from including plain knits & patterns (pandas,bears,dino,unicorn,bunnies,elephant,kitten,stars) available at the Roselline Event 
The baby chair is also made for Zooby sold separately at the Kitty Kate main store
Zooby Animesh ~ Baby Potty Pack (uses changing mat script increases diaper stats). Animation for parent. Rezzable messy/cleanup options. Comes in  Pink , Blue and Panda !- Kitty Kate Main Store
Zooby Animesh ~ Darling Nursery Set - Available as a full set or individual items by Kitty Kate - available at the main store
What i am wearing , skin , hair , head and body 
Lullabeebs outfit - Viva Kids - Janey Bunny LB- available at the mainstore
My Hair is Junko by Wasabi
Elly Shape - Baby Smell
Under Eye Crease ,  Nose Blush , Highlight and Pores nose and cheeks Duda Dreams 
Infant body and Aquarius Head - Lullabeebs 
Caue Skin - for Lullabeebs -  Flying Bunny
Mara Lashes -Muriel 
Brows - Pity Party
Toy Decor - Lagom 
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