Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Blog # 196 - Featuring and Sponsored by Viv.a Kids , Tardfish ,DudaDreams and Tippy Tap

Blog # 196- Featuring and Sponsored by Viv.a Kids , Tardfish , DudaDreams and Tippy Tap
~Outfit and Shoes~
Daru outfit - by Viva Kids - Fitted for Toddleedoo , Bebe, Youth and Tweeneedoo.
Birdy Plane - By Tardfish - Available at the Warehouse Event                                                                    
Babee First Steps Shoes by Tippy Tap  at the main store and marketplace
Sunbin Hair - VCO
Bellamy - No Brow - T1 Evox- by DudaDreams - Bellamy Overlay works like a mask, it covers the face only , so you can wear it on top of your current EvoX face skin.
Bellamy - Shape - DudaDreams
Fluffy lashes - DudaDreams
Dahlia Skin - Blush colour- by Ribbons 
Blusher Pack - Ribbons
Bichon Frise- Jian

Gallant Unicorn