Monday, February 27, 2023

Blog # 216 - Featuring and Sponsored by Viv.a Kids

Blog # 216 - Featuring and Sponsored by Viv.a Kids 
~Outfit and Shoes~ 
🆕Harper set - From Viv.a Kids available at the Roselline Event
Fitted for TD , TWD, Bebe and Youth. 
Giulia Shoes - from Tippy Tap 
~Body , Skin , Head, Hair and Shape~ 
Toddleedoo  body - fitted -Toddleedoo 
Muriel  Daisy Shape and Skin - Muriel
Daisy Blush - Muriel - Muriel 
Mara Lashes -Muriel 
Cindy Eyes - Muriel 
Brows - Pity Party
Highlighter and Pores -DudaDreams 
Cheek Veins (Apple Head)  -DudaDreams 
Haru Hair - Dalgona
Yellow Ducklings - Foxwood 
Hyper pose set - from Lovey 
Steel picnic basket -Tentacio 
Picnic basket - Chez Moi
Ball - Bijou
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