Sunday, March 19, 2023

Blog # 230- Featuring and Sponsored by Viv.a Kids

Blog # 230- Featuring and Sponsored by Viv.a Kids 
~Outfit and Shoes~
Duna Outfit - By Viv.a Kids - Available at the Daydream Event
Kim Boots - By Viv.a Kids -Available at the mainstore 
Rabbit bag - Little Pumpkin -mainstore
 ~Body , Skin , Head, Hair and Shape~
Hair - bonbon - deiji hair - Mainstore
Mei Blush - by Muriel - Mainstore
Mei Shape- by Muriel 
Mei Skin - by Muriel
Kylee Eyes - by Muriel available at  the Daydream Event
Lemon Head- Toddleedoo
Lashes - Nyaru
Brows - Pity Party
Highlighter and Pores -DudaDreams 
Cheek Veins (Apple Head)  -DudaDreams 
DudaDreamns- Hearty Freckles Evox
Rue Cremieux [360] Backdrop- Synnergy - Marketplace
Emma Flower Bicycle - Decor-dust bunny . Con 
Pigeon Deco - Eating Pair - MishMish 
 Sky Butterfly - Deco A-MishMish 
 Bunny Bakery Umbrella . Pink - dust bunny . & Con 
dreamy outing . picnic basket -dust bunny .
Pupper - Yorkshire Terrier-  Rezz Room
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