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Blog # 235 -Featuring and Sponsored by Kitty Kate

Blog # 235 -Featuring and Sponsored by Kitty Kate 

Toddleedoo and Lullabeebs ! This beautiful Nursery set has been made with love. In the pack you will find two versions, one is suitable for users of the MyStory hud and the other is just normal. All Animated items contain MyStory scripts with stats to that relate to the product. Eg- hygiene raises when using the babybath.   KittyKate Mainstore

What's Included?

Crib & Canopy ~ The crib has 25 animations inside it, many of which rez various toys, plushies or a sleep mobile and blanket or bottle. They are all designed to match the Darling Nursery set. With animations for both Lullabeebs infant & Toddleedoo along with parent animation this is a great addition to any nursery.

Darling Parent/Child Chair ~ This beautiful chair with footrest contains 20 animations with some for Parent, TDB, Lullabeebs and parent/child. There are plenty of snuggles available and also rezzable cushion for baby (lullabeebs) and lovely little interactive rezzables such as toys, teaset and story for parent child. 

Toddleedoo Bed - A cute little heart bed packed 28 different animations for play/sleep/brekki in bed and time with a parent reading or playing. A blanket will auto rez for sleeping. 

PlayTent - An adorable playtent with 12 animations for either a lullabeeb infant or Toddledoo TDB. Many animations rez extras such as toys, bottle, story, playgym etc. Alternatively you can click the star pillow to rezz extra cute pillows and toys to decor the tent without sitting it. 

PlayRug - What just looks like a soft, cute heart rug is also filled with fun and extras! With over 30 animations spread that include Lullabeebs, parent/child, 2 kids and Toddleedoos and a whole bunch of fun dances this will be sure to tire any little ones out. Many animations rez toys, pillows, plushies, bottle, story or playgyms. 

PlayTable ~ The playtable comes with very pretty chairs designed for any little princess. Designed to match the set these tables could also be used for parties or special occasions as they do have rezzable balloons and a cake/party option. Also inside the table is a tea set, playdoh and coloring options. You can also rezz unicorn stuffies to sit on the chairs. 

Change Table & Shelf - Beautiful with a matching overhead shelf complete with lamp, unicorn bag and pretty dress. One animation for changing either TDB or Lullabeebs. The shelf and change station are not linked so you can place where you like. 

Darling Bath Tub ~ A beautifully decorated integrated baby bath tub unit. With accessories and towels and an animation for bath time - works with both TDB and Lullabeebs.

Stool - matches the set with an animation for a parent or child , None Animated Decor Extras,Hanging Balloon basket with Bunny ,Nightstands,Lamp ,Curtains ,Dolly Stroller with a teddy sat inside KittyKate Mainstore

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