Saturday, April 15, 2023

Blog # 255-Featuring and Sponsored by Little Friend

Blog # 255-Featuring and Sponsored by Little Friend 
~Outfit and Shoes~ 
Dante Hat and Overalls by Little Friend and  available at the DayDream Event
Carolina Sandals - Tippy Tap
Fuzzy Socks Easter Edition -  Tippy Tap
Skin , Head, Hair and Shape~ 
Cindy Eyes - Muriel 
Lydia  Skin- Shape - Muriel 
Amalie Blush - Muriel
Cherry Head - Toddleedoo
Soft Brows - Pity Party
Highlighter and Pores - DudaDreams
Nose Blush - DudaDreams
Carefree Poses - by Lovey 
 Kerfluffle Sheep - Blossom - +Half-Deer+
 Kerfluffle Sheep - Daisy-+Half-Deer+
 Country Cabin 05- ::InkMe::
"Riverdown Meadow" Tree Stump - Geraniums Peach-Circa 
 Forest Sonata - Acorn Party x-+Half-Deer+
 Ragdoll Cat Himilayan / Static - Jian 
September Group Gift Yellow Plant - Minimal
Star set - Little Pumpkin

Gallant Unicorn