Sunday, May 28, 2023

Blog # 297 Featuring and Sponsored by Tip Toes

Blog # 297 Featuring and Sponsored by Tip Toes 

Artisan Cookies in 3 flavors. - From Tip Toes

- Decor bag is clickable to get an adult or kid sized cookie
- Includes kid/adult sized accessory versions in 3 options: normal hold, bumper version (drops 5 cookies when your avatar is bumped, rezzing required), and drops, which randomly drops a single cookie (rezzing required).- Also includes single cookie with hold version and eating animation version

Clumsy Baby Face Mess from Tip Toes
- Lullabeebs Infant Avatar heads (tested on all three, works best on Aquarius/Virgo)
- Evox mapped heads (tested on Lelutka EvoX Avalon and Toddleedoo Head+ Lemon)
- SLUV (the system head map; tested on Toddleedoo Head Opal)
Each 'size' sold has 16 messes, including chip crumbs, cookie crumbs, ramen, spaghetti, peanut butter/jelly, nacho cheese, watermelon, and frosting!
* All options are modify so you can tint them freely; Includes bonus cheesy dust hands - Available at The Roselline Event

Oversized shirts from Tip Toes - Meipon at the Roselline Event
- Shirt rigged for Lullabeebs, Toddleedoo 4.0+, Tweeneedoo, and Bebe Toddler/Youth
- Play the machine for a transfer version of the prizes or buy the fatpack for a copy shirt in all 5 sizes and a fatpack HUD, including mess overlays
- Click the size button first, then pay the machine for a prize

Pose i am using is from Lovey - new location here

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