Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Blog # 352 Featuring and Sponsored by Lovey

 Blog # 352 Featuring and Sponsored by Lovey 

Autumn Fit -Miepon - By Lovey - Available at the Little Moon Event
Miepon set that includes: shirts, skirts, scarves, and BOM sheer tights. 50L a play, There are 3 uncommon shirts and 3 Rares. 1 being the scarf with HUD, 2 is the Shirts with a HUD, and 3 is the Skirts with a HUD.

Autumn Doorstep - By Synnergy.Tavis - Available at the mainstore 

Luna Boots - By Tippy Tap - Available at the mainstore 

Flora Limited Shape - By Froggy

Puppy - Rezz Room

Gallant Unicorn