Thursday, November 10, 2022

Blog # 138-Featuring and Sponsored by Sami's World and Kitty Kate

Blog # 138- Featuring and Sponsored by Sami's World and Kitty Kate 
 Pita Dress by Sami's world  -for Lullabeebs available at the Woodland Kids Event 
Decor:  Turtle Playground for Zooby newborns and babies. Lots of fun activities for your Zooby babies and newborns. This beautiful playground is From  Kitty Kate and available at the mainstore or marketplace
My shoes are Kara Shoes from little tot & Muriel 
Brenda Bow Headband - by Little Tots
my Hair - Tram H1226 
Rupert Teddy Bear - by .mini muffin. 
My pupper - Corgi - Jian 
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